Meet  theMixocologist

Meet Vania

My name is Vania  and I am the face behind Infusion Scent Bar. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by scent and design. 


I am a PR practioner by trade and a mixocologist at heart. I self study the nature, history, and composition of scent, so I can best assist my clients at their events.


The idea of Infusion Scent Bar was born after I styled and hosted a perfume party for a client. I enjoyed observing people's reactions while they experimented and explored the scent posibilities. It was a great conversation piece that also made a unique, personal and exceptional gift.


A custom perfume is what a Haute Couture is to fashion - it's a custom made to your liking, it reflects you and your personality. Oil perfumery for me is an adventure - a lot goes into blending and building a scent bouquet, harmonizing the notes, listening with the nose and deciding which one connects with you.


So I wanted to combine both - the experience of creating your own signature scent and designing a station that reflects your event theme or tells your brand story.


Let's connect and see how we can make your event scent-sational!